Mini Koa Wood Cigar Pen

$139.99 $129.99

This miniature Koa Wood Cigar Pen is awesome for those with normal to small size hands, that still want the quality of the inner workings of a full size Koa Wood Cigar Pen



0ur Koa Wood Cigar Pens have a larger diameter for both showing the wood, and to allow people with large hands to grasp the pen.  If you have a smaller hand, these pens are the alternative to the larger cigar pen.  This is just above the size of a normal pen with advanced inner workings.  All Koa wood is from the island of Maui, and only the best pieces are turned to form our spectacular pens.

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Violet Purple, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Field Green, Forest Green, Vivid Yellow, Melon Orange, Red Dirt, Black and White