Random Wood Cigar Pen

$139.99 $97.99

Sometimes we make extra pens when we make large orders, and we need to get them out of our shop and in to your hands.  We sell these pens for a great price so we can send out pens made from random colors, woods and metals.  We make only the most high quality wood pens, and picking one of these gets you a great deal on some of the finest craftsmanship on the planet. If you don’t like it, no worries.  Send it back and we will send you a new one up to one time.


When we make too many pens, you win.  Order this pen if you would like to get one of the highest quality wood pens on the market at a great price.  You order a random Cigar Pen, and we will send you a quality pen made with a random Hawaii grown wood and color. Send someone a gift without the burden of choosing.  Each pen we send out is of the same amazing quality as our full price pens, just randomized.