Hawaiian Koa Pen

Terms and Conditions (FAQ)

Terms and Conditions

  1.  HANDMADE: All of our pens are handmade; therefore, all of our pens will have their own look and feel.  While we make pens very close to their description and photograph, no one pen will look the same as another.  There may also be a minor difference in color between the pen in the photograph and the pen that we produce.
  2.  PRIVACY: We make the best effort that we can to keep your information private and only for our own records.  We will not knowingly sell your information to a third party, and will attempt to prevent our network from being breached, and thereby releasing information.

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    Koa Wood Pens
  3.  SHIPPING:  Since our products are hand made, they are often created after an order is taken.  While we attempt to ship all pen orders within 5 business days, a standard order (under 10 instruments) can take up to 10 business days to ship.  For bulk ordering (over 10 instruments), please call 808 419 0860 before ordering for a parts check and to better estimate shipping.  We always ship PRIORITY MAIL through the USPS.  We will only ship to the US or Canada (if you need to ship elsewhere please call 808 419 0860)
  4. REFUNDS: If your product has a reasonable ‘factory’ defect within 30 days, we will make it right with you.  Ship the item to Paint Poet Media P.O. Box 331358 Kahului, HI 96733 with your address and order number enclosed with the pen.  We will then either repair the pen or make you a new one, depending on the defect.